Diana Marie Ault. Murdered…1/31/1994. Independence, Missouri.


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Diana Marie Ault was shot dead – murdered in cold blood – in her own home, January 31, 1994, in front of her two beautiful young children. You can help us find those responsible for this horrible crime.             email us:      TipsforDianaAult@aol.com

Diana is also on Facebook :  https://www.facebook.com/DianaMarieAult

3 thoughts on “Diana Marie Ault. Murdered…1/31/1994. Independence, Missouri.

  1. I heard about this site on the radio this morning. I’m so glad to hear the case is still being looked at. This website is a great idea. I have already shared it on my facebook.

  2. I heard about this tonight on the news. I want to help you all any way I can please let me know. I know you all dont know me but I feel God calling me to help you all.Since I have been disabled and unable to work as a nurse I miss my job more than words can say. So now I try and help peopl whenever I can. Praying for peace and closure for your family. God Bless Kimber

  3. Kudos and thank you to all involved in bringing this case back to light and eventually, with God’s blessing, bring justice for her family. I can’t speak for the other victim that lost her life so young but my heart goes out to all involved. Please let a prosecutor put this woman behind bars for the rest of her life. She can then rot in prison before entering hell for eternity. Diana, your friends from HDS #46 will never forget. We will always miss you!

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